Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Fever

Is anyone else so ready for Spring?  It seems like we get a little taste, then the snow is back with a vengeance.  Its a cruel form of torture!

So what do you do to solve the Sprinter (Spring that's more like Winter) blues?

Get your Garden on!

It made me feel a lot better!
Later, when the girls get home from their friend's house, we are going to plant flowers  in the white cups.  Its gonna be a blast!


  1. We even got some snow today. Whats up with that? Mazzie and I got trapped in the grocery store by the longest hailstorm I've ever been in the other day, too. They're usually over before they start, but this one kept turning back and forth between hard rain and hail for at least 5-7 min. Crazy March weather.

  2. ...March, In like a lion and out like a lamb--we can hope!

  3. This is stupid can it be spring NOW???

  4. What happened to the 60+ degree day we were supposed to have? Try 45 degrees! Errgghhh!