Monday, March 8, 2010


The scrapbooking day was a blast!  I am almost done with Kota's first six months.  Now only SIXTY more to go!...And that's just Dakota's!  Now to get started on the other three :)  It's going to take several more scrapbooking days to get caught up.


  1. Scrapbooking together is a lot of fun because you can ask others for their opinion on what is the best way to present the pictures. I got six spreads done in the Little Family Reunion 2006 book. I have seven spreads to go--that is 14 pages. I may get it done prior to the reunion this June when Cleve and Megan get married.

  2. It'll be fun to go through your book with everyone.

    I got seven spreads done this weekend. Charly keeps asking me when I am going to do her's. She feels very left out. I think I will start hers this week.