Sunday, March 28, 2010

The new monster in our driveway... because it won't fit in the garage.

Hey all!!! Well, I finally gave in. Ben's been unhappy with his truck almost from the day we bought it because of a problem with the transmission that the dealership couldn't fix. So, after three years of complaining about it - and stressing me out because of it - I finally let him trade it. It made sense, with the rebates they're giving now and his X-Plan from work, we got a brand new 2010 truck for the price of a 2008!

And can you believe it? I caved and let him buy a diesel even!!! I have vowed I wouldn't let him buy a diesel because they're so loud and stinky. But I was shocked. They had to tell me we were riding in a diesel when we test-drove it. I would have sworn it wasn't.

We're finding a few hitches. The extended cab isn't quite as large as the GMC, so Kaitlyn doesn't fit as well. But, she won't be in the rear-facing seat forever, so we can manage. And we liked that the rear doors opened all the way on the GMC. But what do you do? The payload is tremendous on a diesel, so we'll feel better about the camper being on it. We won't be worried about it being too heavy. And we can still pull the boat, if we need to, because we've got a lot more power. Our first outing this year will be down to Moab. So, we'll see how it does. We're so excited. After all the crap that's been going on at work, I NEED A BREAK!!!! We're going down over our anniversary, so the end of April. Can't wait!

Well, if you made it to the end of my ramblings, here's a payoff. So, Ben got a new baby. And speaking of babies.... the deal was, he got his baby, I get mine! Kaitlyn's going to have a sibling! Probably not right away, we want to wait until Kaitlyn's over a year before starting to try, but we're having another. Yay!!


  1. Congrats on the baby! And the truck?

  2. I thought the hoody was her hair there for a half a sec...