Monday, April 5, 2010


Happy Easter Everyone!

So Excited to get gum!

David got swim goggles.

The girls all got sunglasses.

Daddy "breaking an egg" on Charly's head.

We helped the Easter Bunny fill Daddy's basket with this little creation.
12 eggs with 12 reasons we love him.

She is growing up WAY too fast!


Time to Party!

Take a good look at my neck.
And now,
a funny story.
This cutie asked me,
"Alison, what are those things on your neck?"
I said,
"Those are love bites from Uncle Nate.  Thanks Nate!"

Sweet Angel eating Deviled Eggs

Ready for an Egg Hunt

See the cute bow I made for Kota?

And Chey Chey's bows

Nate did a great job with this shot!


  1. Oh man! Kaitlyn's picture is cute small. But don't double-click and make it bigger unless you want to seriously suppress the urge to grab a Kleenex. Ick! Poor thing. Always has a runny nose these days.

  2. We have such a beautiful family!!! Look at all those faces.

  3. I can't believe you have all that energy, our Easter wasn't nearly that creative. Way to go Alison.