Friday, April 9, 2010

Thanks everybody! I had a great day. We went to breakfast at my favorite diner and I got Cheddar Eggs Benedict. Excellent. Or should I say Eggcellent! ;0> Then Adam took me to the mall to get my wedding ring sized. It's been too big ever since I got it and I'm afraid to wear it. Then he tricked me into going to Staples, 'cuz he needed to get masking tape.' Liar. He had a gift, the lapdesk I asked for, waiting there. Except there was a mix up with UPS (he ordered it over the Internet) and it wasn't actually delivered. So, I still have a gift coming my way. Bonus. Then we watched The Informant while we waited for the kids to get home. It was windy outside, so we decided to go to Manilla Dunes/Beach to fly kites. Well, it turns out 25mph winds are a little too much wind for kite flying. We got the smaller canvas owl up, but the plasticrap one wouldn't lift. We still had a lot of fun, even though I twisted me ankle, and Lincoln biffed it on both hands and knees and kept getting sand in his eyes. I thinks his face was at just the right height to catch all that sand blowing from the ground. Then we got some pepperoni pizza from Big Pete's and ate it on the living room floor, and watched the first of the Life series. The kids kept rooting for the animal that was about to be dinner for the predator. They were really worried. Then when/if it would get away, they'd all be like WOO-HOO! and stuff like that. Too cute. And that was my bday. Nothing much, but all I wanted. ;>


  1. sweet sounds you had a really great birthday! By the way that picture is so cute!!!!!

  2. I love that picture. Awesome.

    And I'm so glad you had a good birthday. Sounds like my kinda day. Poor Linc, though. That's rotten.

  3. Sounds fabulous! Love the picture.