Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I posted a bunch of pictures on facebook, so you have to go there if you want to see them all, but here are the highlights.

Relaxing at the beach, taking a mini vacation from our vacation the weekend after we got back. What a cutie!!!!!

I love this smile, so innocent.

I don't know what's cuter, the snorkel thing in her mouth or the fact her hair is all hanging in her face. Or the fact that when I put this as my profile picture Rylie said, "Mom, now everybody in the world can see it, Grandma Little and everybody."

This cracked me up, Joie had no idea that there were two prairie dogs right there in front of here. She was to concerned with smiling for the camera.

The girls at the zoo. What a bunch of hams.
Way to cute, loving this picture with all the pirate gear.

Girls with the missionaries

Baptism Day, April 17th

Memorial Day at the Cemetary


  1. I wish I was in the water right now...sigh. I just can't believe how big your girls are!! Everytime I think about you I'm so bummed that I missed you at the wedding. Better luck next time...or maybe we'll come visit you guys. ;-) That is very cool that they got baptized in April. Love you guys!!

  2. We would love visitors. You are welcome anytime.