Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family Reunion Day Two

What does our family do for fun?
We dress our kids up as pirates...
{Although, that has to be the sweetest little pirate I have ever seen!}
...and just generally make fools of ourselves!
Then we send our little pirates out to search for treasure...
...that Grandma forgot to "bury."

But that's okay.  It gives us more time to veg without hearing, "Mom, Mom, MOM!"
Just kidding.  Mom really did bury some of the treasure.
And the kids eventually found it.

Thanks for a fun night, Mom.


  1. O look! I DO exist! Everytime I look at the blog, there's everyone in mom's living room-except me and my kids. So cool to see us all together!

  2. I've got some pictures that prove you were there, too, Stacy. Someday, I'll get them posted, now that my computer's back up and running... $200 later.