Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family Reunion Day Three {Reception}

Playing with cousins
Kissin' up to Mommy
{No Tween girls were injured in the making of this post.  The perfectly circular bruise on Haven's check was self-inflicted with a vacuum cleaner!}
Now Aunt Jen is buttering up Cassy
Hangin' out with my Daddy and my bottle
There must be something about these brownies!

Welcome, please don't forget to sign the guest book!

Yes, that is Lindsay, and yes, she is in the Men's Room.

Charly seems to be everyone's little buddy.

Standing in line can get pretty boring.  You gotta spice it up somehow!

Looks like Uncle Doug has got his hands full!
The boys did what they do best
{i.e. make a mess}
While us girls did what we do best
{isn't it obvious???}
Sending the new couple off in style

Joie was pretty sad to see Uncle Cleve go
But Chey was ready to high tail it out of there!

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