Saturday, May 22, 2010

Charly's Birthday Party... Finally!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Tink!
Charly's Birthday was April 29th, but it was snowing, so we couldn't do her party until last weekend.

We went to Farm Country first.

Charly's greatest love is horses.  She was so excited to see so many horses and to get to touch them.

Riding one was even better!

Kaitlyn loved all the animals.  She thought it was great to get to ride a horse!

This little guy was really friendly.
Cassy wasn't sure to think about it.
But Kaitlyn loved it!

This picture is for you, Jennifer.

Wow!   You gotta love her!

I have the most adorable kids!

Even if Cassy wasn't too happy about sitting in the window!

I told Rebecca I probably have as many pictures of Kaitlyn as I do of my own kids.
She's just so photogenic!

Charly was the only one that would milk the cow.

And then we went to the park for pizza, presents, and "Strawberry Cortcake"

Pony Love

Aunt Becca gave her this cute skirt.  She wears it ALL THE TIME!

I'm glad we finally had good weather to have her party!
She had a ball.
Thanks Grandma & Aunt Becca for the cute presents and for coming with us!


  1. You got some good pictures there. What a fun place!

  2. Alison, you know me too well! That little backside sure has grown a lot since I last took pictures of it! Why do they keep having to do that--Growing up too fast I mean?

  3. I have a theory that it is all part of the plot to make us parents crazy!