Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1st Day of Kindergarten

Despite all my begging to get her to stay home at least one more year,
Dakota headed off to Kindergarten today.

Want to see what she wore?

She's got a little model in her, I guess.
I used to watch America's Next Top Model religiously (lame, I know)
And Dakota was my little side kick.
I guess a little rubbed off on her,
because she wanted to do a fashion show of all of her new clothes.
In the interest of time, she only got to model her 1st day outfit.

I'm not sure if she was going for Ham or Model here...

Of course, the backpack HAD to be PRINCESS!

She has already completed (and hopefully handed in) her first homework assignment.
She had to decorate the paper doll to look like her.
She insisted I come up with a way to show that she has white around the blue in her eyes.
What 5 year old thinks like that???
Anyway, we put white buttons under the blue beads.

We also had to answer a few questions about her.

I had to take a picture so that I can look back years from now and know what her favorites were way back when...

Okay.  I'm not going to cry...


  1. It's good you take a picture of the favorites. I got really sad today when Joie's favorite color finally officially changed from pink, (the official color of all girls), to green. you will always remember now that she wants to be a swimmer when she grows up!!!!

  2. That's funny that her favorite color changed from pink to green. My girls all loved green for the longest time and fought over anything green. So for Christmas we got them a bunch of green cups and plates. Not long after that, they all changed to loving pink! Figures!